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About us 

Sierra Women Independent Group (SWIG) is an organisation that focuses on women's development, training, empowerment, welfare advice, advocacy and counseling. It also seeks to promote family welfare and opportunities in understanding different cultures and practices. 

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  • To promote and facilitate cross-cultural understanding and integration among BAME communities, and with their hosts in the context of cultural diversity. 

  • Initiate and foster alliances and partnerships other communities associations/organisations to identify common needs and challenges and develop common approaches to address them.

  • Promote the development of an African Women's Group in providing effective services to their communities and to take part in productive partnership with statutory, private and voluntary agencies. 

  • Empowering women from Sierra Leone and provide them with the skills and knowledge to become active on local and global issues that concern them.  

  • Build partnerships with statutory, private and voluntary sector to ensure access by African women to basic services and to provide supplementary services where necessary. 

  • Setup a database of services and support


  • To enhance better quality of life for BAME women living in Bristol and its affiliates. 

  • To promote socio-economic, health and cultural values through exchange programmes, exhibitions, seminars, conferences, workshops, trades and festivals. 

  • To promote members skills and activities through education, training, advice and counseling. 

  • To raise awareness of the important role women have in contributing to community and national development 

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